Mo Money, Honey Visualization Technique

While creating the "Mo' Money, Honey" wax melts, I focused my energy into creating a sustainable income. I've had many artistic endeavors in the past and I always end up spending more than I make. I think to myself "oh well, you have to spend money to make money". But it shouldn't always be that way, right? Wouldn't it be nice to make money on your ideas, without spending a dime?
These wax melts are designed to help you bring financial security. Not riches, but, comfort. The idea is that you focus on your financial desires while you burn these wax melts. They are infused with the scent of money, colored to look kind the standard American bills, and many of them have carvings of different dollar signs. This is a visualization technique. Light your burner and drop the wax melt in. Focus on what you want to bring to your life. Visualize your financial desires. Think about how you can achieve these desires. Think about what you have access to. How can …

Making Dreams Come True

It is the long weekend here, but I'm not planning on taking any breaks! I'm hoping the weather stays bearable because I'll be in the kitchen all weekend. I'm going to try and have as many sets done as possible before the James St. Art Crawl next Friday. I am SOOO excited to be showcasing the wax melts out in the world. Even more exciting is that I've partnered my store through Square Up, so I should even have a debit/credit reader before Friday. Nothing like taking debit sales on the side of the road, am I right?

I've never really done this kind of thing before. Those who have followed the blog over the last year know I attempted many events last year. I always felt like I "failed" because I didn't sell anything and then I felt discouraged and didn't want to bother trying again. Last month, I took my greeting cards and sand necklaces to the street. The big-ticket item I had that MANY PEOPLE looked at was the pink glitter skull. My roommate (a…

Why Every Artist Needs A Partner

I was laying in bed last night thinking about all of the insane artistic outlets I have. Then I thought about how hard it is for me to get my own products out into the market. It's not that I lack faith in the products themselves, it's just that I don't like the “meet and greet” part of being an entrepreneur.
I've always been hard on myself for that. I feel like I should be able to push myself, be that person. I should be able to shake hands and fake smiles, then come home and take 3 days to myself to recover. I've never understood why I wasn't able to put on that professional suit and tie and walk the streets to sell my art. But last night, I had this revelation. The answer came to me, like it had always been there and I just couldn't hear the words: It's not who you are.
It's that simple, guys. There are people who make stuff and there are people who enjoy socializing. Sometimes, both exist in the same person. But more commonly, they don't. Thos…

The Best Apps for Staying On Track

Because I recently got a new phone will almost endless space, I was finally able to download all the productivity apps I've heard about in the past. I've had the ability to play around with a few of them and get a feel for which ones work the best. Now that I've been able to do that, I want to share those apps with you!

These apps have multiple uses. You can use them if you're studying, working on your own blog, or even having a panic attack. They are aimed at focusing and tuning out the rest of the world.

My first recommendation is Coffivity. This is a soundtrack application. It's primarily for writers and can create coffee shop chatter and the like. I've always used the web-based version, but now I finally get to take the app on the go! Unfortunately, there are only a few sound options at the moment.

Another great soundtrack option is an app called "Mood". It lets you choose different sound options to create a unique environment. You can opt for cam…

The Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is a way to alter the natural flow of energy and consciousness so that the mind becomes the center of wisdom, knowledge and acceptance. Where the human mind is no longer attracted toward the fallible glory of the universe, rather it is capable of facing the reality. Besides the spiritual nature of yoga, there are many other advantages.
This is one of the most impressive benefits of yoga. If you are starting yoga for the first time your body won’t be very flexible. But if you start doing yoga and stick with it, you will notice a drastic improvement in mobility. Your muscles will loosen and your body will be able to move in ways you never believed possible. Of course initially you will feel a bit of pain while practicing different yoga poses. But rest assured, with time the pain will disappear and the poses will get easier and easier.
Health Benefits
Yoga also helps you to build stronger muscles, which comes in handy as you're getting older. You won't need to wor…

The Best Natural Skincare Products

I wrote this article for a client, but he wasn't happy because it didn't fit if in the type of skin he wanted. But, I did put a bit of research into this. I searched Amazon to find inexpensive products that have high ratings and claim to be good for sensitive skin.  I can't answer one way or another. I only use Nature's Aid. But, I wanted to share this anyway.

If you have any experience with these cosmetics, please let me know in the comments. I don't want to support a poorly made product!
Although I've chosen highly rated products, you should always run a trial before using any new skincare. I suggest you run a little bit on your thigh or calf so it's not visible if there's a reaction.
1. Matcha Face Mask by Noix de Coco
This hydrating face mask is made from kaolin clay. This helps to take the dead skin cells off your skin and open up your pores, eliminating unnecessary oil. The matcha helps to revitalize your skin with the antioxidants. This can also …

Good Advice For Stress Management

One of the biggest issues each of us face daily is stress. Whether it's from work and coworkers, or school, or friends and family. It seems as though it's one of the hardest things to escape. It's also one of the most damaging on our mental, spiritual, and physical wellness. There is no way to completely remove stress factors from your life, but you can learn to effectively manage how to handle them.

If you've ever talked to anyone about how stressed you were feeling, you probably heard the suggestion to "take a deep breath". This is a common suggestion. It's also a very common practice. While it might not seem to work right away, repeated breathing exercises are often effective. All you have to do is inhale deeply, and hold that breath for a minute. Think about all of the things are stressing you out, and exhale deeply. Imagine that those stresses are exiting your body with that breath. Do this a few more times until you feel more relaxed. It's not …